Photography by Nikki Cole


How would you describe your photography style?

During an event, I aim to create beautiful and natural looking images.  As a result, I rely mostly on capturing the unique moments of your event candidly.  When appropriate, I create lightly posed portraits.  During a portrait session, I rely or your individual personality to dictate my approach.


How would you describe your work style?

Fun and efficient!  Most importantly, I want to make sure my clients are having a great time.  They always look best when they are having fun!  I also understand that their time is precious both during a special event and in lifeSo, I try to be as efficient as possible with any formal sessions.  After formals are complete, I try to blend in with your guests drawing as little attention as possible.


Do you shoot in mostly color, black and white, or both?

I shoot exclusively in digital format, which gives me the ability to transform any color image into a black and white image.  Your initial portfolio will be primarily in color.  When I feel a particular image truly lends itself to black and white, I show you both options in your portfolio. 


Are we able to print the images on our DVD?

Yes.  The images you receive on DVD are high resolution and are not “Proof” stamped in any way.  Please note, unless otherwise stated in your package (in mostly portrait sessions) the images on your DVD will be color corrected and cropped; but they will not have a full edit.  All purchased images receive a full edit.  Please be sure to ask me about editing additional images for you.  I’m always happy to help.


What type of equipment do you use?  Do you carry backup equipment?

I am currently shooting with a Canon 1D.  I love this camera!  It is an incredibly fast camera, which allows me to truly capture moments in real time.  During events, I carry a second Canon 1D for back up.  I also have duplicate flashes, lenses, memory cards and batteries.


Will the lighting be intrusive?

Whenever possible at an event, I like to rely on available light and the lighting on my camera.  It is important that I blend in with your guests as much as possible.  For studio and select portrait purposes, I do have a full lighting kit.


Do you carry insurance?

Photography by Nikki Cole carries both equipment and liability insurance.


Will you do a photo of each table?

In order to create the amazing candid images in my portfolio, it is important that I blend in with your guests as much as possible.  This is in direct conflict with going to each guest table, making them stop their meal and conversations and making them take a photo.  As a result, I do not include table photos in my packages.  I am, however, very happy to accept a certain number list of “must have” group photos to be completed at your event.


Are you the photographer who will shoot my event?

Yes.  Every time you hire Photography by Nikki Cole for your session, you will be working directly with Nikki Cole.


How long after the event will I get the proofs? Will they be viewable online?

Unless otherwise stated in your package, all images will be provided within three weeks of your event.  And all images are available on line for ninety days.


Why should I hire you over another photographer?

So glad you asked!  Please take a look at the “Why Nikki Cole” page for answers to that question.