Why Nikki Cole?

I’m passionate.

Some might even say obsessive.  I do everything in my power to meet deadlines and deliver exactly what I promise.  And I keep trying until that happens.


I’m just….. fun!

I love what I do.  You’ll find me upbeat and energetic.  Chemistry with your photographer is so important.  You won’t look great in your photos unless you are having a good time.  I keep each session light and fun so you can enjoy the experience.


I’m honest.

I won’t make decisions for you, but I will be sure you make a completely informed decision.  Honesty is a two way street.  I also want you to feel you can tell me how you honestly feel.


I listen.

When we go through the details of your unique event, I won’t be fiddling with my blackberry or iPad.  I’m there to hang onto every word.  And I turn your words into actions.


I know about your event.

I’ll take care of details you’ve not even thought about.  You’ll see from my background I know a lot about your event already.  I’m always happy to help answer questions.  And I’ll know where to be to catch the perfect images.


I promise to put your goals first.

Your photos need to represent you.  Not me.  I put your personalities and styles first.


I’ll give you a proposal with no surprises.


I don’t feel any question is stupid.

Don’t know the difference between a JPEG and RAW image?  Neither do many of my closest friends.  Your mother in law wants you to have a Bedeken at your wedding and you’ve never heard of that?  I’m always happy to help with any question whether it’s photography related or not.


If I make you look good then I look good.  Literally!

I’m an independent business owner.  It’s imperative that you’re satisfied with my work so that you rave about me to all your friends.


I’ve got a proven track record.

It’s easy to post my favorite photos on my website and blog about my favorite experiences.  But I suggest you take a look at the unsolicited reviews of my services on websites like www.weddingwire.com and www.weddingchannel.com.

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