Happy New Year! Best of 2016

Another year has come and gone.  I’m floored to say this is the busiest year Photography by Nikki Cole has ever had.  I’m honored and grateful to have been trusted by so many wonderful people to capture their precious memories in photographs.  As has become tradition, I’d like to share some of my favorite images from 2016’s weddings.  Having photographed so many gorgeous and unique weddings this year, I found it difficult not to post hundreds of wedding images!  But this year, I’m staying true to my new year’s resolution to keep life simple and special.  I’ve chosen my favorite 15 images from each part of the day to post.  I tried to concentrate on the most special images and moments of the year.  My very favorite.  Of course, this means I’ve left so many photographs that I absolutely love on the cutting room floor.  So I hope you’ll take some time to browse through my blog and wedding galleries if you find yourself wanting more.  You’ll notice I chose to not include a single detail photo.  I chose to concentrate on what my wedding photography does best…telling the story.  I chose moments captured in time.  And most of these moments have a lovely story behind them.  So if you want to know why I chose to feature a particular image, feel free to comment on this post!


I wish you all a safe, happy, healthy and peaceful new year.  I hope life will give you an opportunity to call a photographer to have a special story told.  And I hope I will have the honor to witness and capture many more of these precious moments in 2017.


Getting Ready

The first part of the wedding day may be my favorite.  When I step into a bride’s suite, I can feel the anticipation and excitement hanging in the air.  The few hours before the bride and groom first see each other are often filled with deep breaths, nervous laughs and happy tears.


First Look and Formal Photos

This is the only time of the day when I (however loosely) pose a picture.  Frankly, I try as hard as I can to pose as little as possible.  It’s my belief that I could never make up a moment as wonderful as the moments that happen naturally.  So I try not to do it.  But the formal photos are normally required in a wedding day.  I try to keep them as natural as possible while trying to insert as much as the couple’s personality as I can.


The Ceremony

The ceremony is an interesting part of the wedding day for a photographer.  It’s obviously the reason we are all there!  It can create the most magical moments.  But it is also the time when a photographer is the most restricted in their work.  The wedding ceremony is a solemn time and it is important photographers stay as unobtrusive as possible.  Additionally, officiants often make many demands on the photographer.  Don’t move.  Don’t use flash.  Don’t stand here, there, and definitely not there.  Please try not to breathe.  I won’t hear your shutter will I?  Luckily, I’ve been told by several officiants I’m the most unobtrusive photographer they’ve ever worked with.  And I manage to capture some pretty special moments in the process!


The Reception

Is it time to party yet???  YES!!!!!  I love the reception.  It’s the time of the wedding day when everyone’s shoulders drop and they get silly happy.  There are hugs, kisses and smiles all around.  And the dancing…oh the dancing!  It’s also the time of the wedding day when it’s easy for me to fall into the background, put the long lens on and keep my distance.  Well…except on the dance floor.  You’ll often find me right in the middle of the dance floor dancing like a rock star with my camera to my eye the entire time.  But you know, I blend!


I hope you’ve enjoyed my little walk down 2016’s memory lane.  And if you’re planning your own wedding day, I hope you’ll consider trusting Photography by Nikki Cole to capture your amazing moments!  Happy New Year!

About the Author:
Nikki Cole is a professional photographer who captures Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Senior Portraits and other life events. Please contact her to start telling your story!

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