Amy & Kevin’s Meaningful Wedding Day

Amy & Kevin’s Meaningful Wedding Day

I was so impressed by the way Amy and Kevin personalized their wedding day.  Everywhere you looked, there were little pieces of their personalities and styles.  They especially put some special thought into their ceremony which can be a part of the day that is sadly, often overlooked.  First, they had a close friend marry them which right away ensured their ceremony would be one of a kind.  Since there was not a priest there to bless the rings, Amy and Kevin had the rings passed among their immediate family so they could “bless” them with special hopes and wishes for the couple.  My favorite touch was the wine box they incorporated.  Amy and Kevin each wrote letters the morning of the wedding to describe what they were feeling that day.  During the ceremony, they had a special wine placed in a wooden box.  They included the letters in the box and nailed the box shut.  The box is to be opened at a special anniversary.  What a wonderful way to add meaning to such an important day!  I hope these photos properly catch all those moments!



  1. so much joy — such wonderful, meaningful photos from your wedding day — congratulations once again on putting together such an amazing, personal ceremony and wedding day celebration — hope you’re having a wonderful honeymoon ( after a stormy delay out of New England ) in Hawaii :]

  2. WOW. Absolutely incredible. Amy, you’re so beautiful you made tears come to my eyes watching this. Your smile and your glow on your special day, it’s the happiest I’ve ever seen you. I’m so happy for you both….hope that you guys are enjoying the best honeymoon ever.
    Love love love,
    Jackie (West Coast Jackie)

  3. Loved the wedding pictures and the details about the personal touches (BTW, where did you get the “I do” shoes? Loved them!). No doubt Kevin and you will have a loving, happy marriage given the thoughtful, meaningful,and loving gestures you made part of your wedding.



    Linda Cucinotta

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