Beauty is Pain!

Beauty is Pain!

As a girl growing up, I’d often hear my mother telling me “beauty is pain.”  She was also known to quote her mother saying, “If it zippers, it fits…” but that’s a story for another day.  My shoot with Naomi really gives that phrase new meaning!  Naomi is a stunning and truly gifted vocalist and was wanting to add a more grown up and sophisticated look to her portfolio.  The session started easily enough in the studio, but then moved to the waterfront.  This is not a session from months ago!  It was last month!  The waterfront in mid-winter is not the most comfortable place to be even dressed appropriately.  But as you notice Naomi’s wardrobe, there is a lot of bare skin there (my mother would have also mentioned catching pneumonia dressed like that…but I digress).  And she was a total trooper, even when it started raining!  She did not complain once!  Is was so cold out, a passer by stopped everything to bring Naomi a cup of hot tea to warm her up.  I’m pretty sure he was in love!  And let’s please not miss the shoes Naomi is wearing.  They were very interesting on the wooden bridge and cobblestone walkway.  Naomi, thank you for being such a beautiful woman and such a pro in front of the camera!  If beauty is pain, beauty is also Naomi.


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