Donna + Todd’s New Year’s Wedding

Donna + Todd’s New Year’s Wedding

New Year’s weddings are almost always the most fun wedding of the year!  There is an added festive feeling in the air.  Guests arrive ready for a party!  This year was no different.  Donna and Todd are such a wonderful couple!  I’ve been looking forward to their wedding since they booked.  We had a fantastic engagement session where I heard all about their goal of achieving their black belt together right around the time of the wedding.  Yes, I had visions of one of them showing up with a black eye.  Well, there were no visual bruises, but you’ll notice that after the ceremony, Donna is not wearing her ring on her left hand….ahem.  All in all, a great evening with a fantastic group of people!


  1. Jean brown

    Thank you for a beautiful job wth the photos. You were so much fun.
    Cannot wait to see the “real things”
    You re the best,

  2. Jo Morgan

    This is by far one of the most beautiful photo presentations, ever. Such a beautiful couple, inside and out.

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