Gregory Porter

Gregory Porter

You may remember my New Year’s Resolution blog post not so long ago.  In it, I described a great trip to New York City with my beloved husband.  While I dragged him to a Broadway Musical (he always likes them in the end), his choice for entertainment was Smoke Jazz Supper Club.  That night, I was introduced to Gregory Porter and have been listening to his music ever since.  This month, Mr. Porter performed at the Regatta Bar at the Charles Hotel and I was given the opportunity to photograph his performance!  I have to admit, it was tough taking the photos.  I kept finding myself, camera by my side just listening to him sing.  But I managed to snap a few.  If you’ve not heard his music yet, please visit his site and buy his CD.  In the last post, I talked about his song “1960 What”.  My new favorite is “Real Good Hands” which can now be found on his website.  I hope you enjoy his music as much as I do and I hope you enjoy these photos!


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  1. Lawanda Porter Smith

    Thanks for taking great photos and giving Gregory love. My brother Greg is a great guy on and off stage he deserves all the praise that he receives. Please continue to share his great music. Good luck in your career and keep listening for more great music from Gregory Porter

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