Kyle’s Senior Photos

Kyle’s Senior Photos

Tis the season!  Senior photos are due!  I LOVE doing senior portraits.  I love working with young adults and trying to bring out their personalities.  The girls can be a real blast!  But I’m most proud when I can get the boys to enjoy it.  I wouldn’t say Kyle was excited to spend the afternoon with me posing for the camera.  But he was a great sport!  And by the end of it, I really think he had a good time.  I was also so happy to work with Kyle’s mom Kathie who was creative and trusting.  It’s a great combination!  We chose some interesting backdrops including a construction site that Kyle and I had to…um…sneak into.  Most of these backdrops were chosen ahead of time.  But my favorite is the blue garage we just happened upon.  Kathie’s only rule for me was, “Just don’t make him hug a tree!”  She didn’t want that same Senior photo we’ve all seen 1000 times with the subject leaning against the obligatory tree forcing an uncomfortable smile.  And I was certainly happy to hear that!  Of course, Kyle and I did have to mess with her a bit.  So the last photo is in honor of Kyle’s mom!

This one is for you Kathie!

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