Laura & Eric’s Autumn Wedding with a Flair

Laura & Eric’s Autumn Wedding with a Flair

Laura and Eric had everything you could expect for a New England Wedding in the Fall.  The Hellenic Center was the perfect backdrop for an Autumn wedding with an expansive lawn, colorful gardens and abig, beautiful oak tree to hold the ceremony under.  Laura scattered the property with pumpkins, lit the cocktail hour with colorful lanterns, and decorated the cake with autumn leaves.  But there was a little something special with her decor.  There was sparkle everywhere!  From Laura’s sparkly shoes to the glittered pumpkin place cards, elements glittered and sparkled throughout the night.  In addition to the little something special, there was a BIG something special.  That would be the wedding party!  Laura and Eric are blessed to be loved by many people and they were surrounded by a 30 person wedding party! During the reception, they were all introduced together as one unit and danced their way into the ballroom.  It reminded me a bit of the Patriots during the Super Bowl…only much cuter!


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  1. Laura Gillette

    Wow, Nikki we are thrilled with this slide show! All of my family members have successfully cried while watching it, it captured the whole day so well. I love the write up too, it really sums up the day,especially the patriot game day analogy, haha. The unique shots of us in the garden,all the fun pictures of our very large wedding! I love the ones with the flower girls and ring bearers, precious! We can’t wait for all of the pictures! Thank you!

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