Angie & Matt’s Wedding at Seaport World Trade Center

Angie & Matt’s Wedding at Seaport World Trade Center

Have you ever worked with clients who made you feel like family?  That’s how I felt walking into Angie’s house the morning of her and Matt’s wedding.  Because of Angie’s very busy schedule, I had the absolute pleasure of doing much of my work her mom Penny.  I could see how proud and happy Penny was for her beautiful daughter (through very happy tears most of the day).  And I could see how thrilled Angie and Matt were to be married.  The union started with a gorgeous Greek ceremony.  Angie and Matt were great sports taking some rainy photos together.  And they were finally able to take cover in the horse and carriage that brought them to the Seaport World Trade Center where they celebrated with friends and family.  The day was such a great time, I don’t think Penny, Angie and Matt will be able to get rid of me!

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  1. WOW! What a gorgeous couple, a beautiful family, a fabulous wedding. Best wishes for all life has to offer to Angie and Matthew. A very proud day indeed!

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