Strong is Sexy

Strong is Sexy

As a photographer, it’s important for me to stay in shape.  Balance and strength (both inside and out) are vital to taking a great photo, especially outside the studio.  But after a ten hour day of lugging heavy equipment followed by downloading and backing up cards until the middle of the night, it’s pretty tough to get up and head to the gym the next day.  Natalie is one of the few women who can get me out of the house to work out.


Natalie is a fitness instructor who teaches a multitude of classes including Zumba, Cardio Weight Training and her own special brand of Bootcamp called Cardio BootCANp.  In a word, she’s extraordinary.  But why stop at one word!  I can add encouraging, vivacious, inspiring, powerful….her other students can add many more compliments!


Natalie’s BootCANp draws upwards of 100 students per class, but she has the unique ability to make every student feel like the only one in the room.  She gives 120% with every class (which is often 3 classes per day plus personal training sessions).  Not only does Natalie make you feel special, she makes you feel empowered regardless of your fitness level.  She allows her students work at their own level without a hint of judgement.  Because of that, they give her the same 120% effort that she puts out.


Natalie is a strong, independent and beautiful woman.  I’m not afraid to say I’ve been begging her to do a shoot with me!  And I’m thrilled we were able to spend some time together in one of her work out spaces (in between classes…I don’t know where she gets her energy).  It’s obvious she’s beautiful, but I hope these images show her inner beauty as well.



  1. lauren cronin

    Wow! What a great article and goregous pics!!!

  2. Second one down is my favorite!

  3. Andrew Giordano

    Amazing words and pictures!! Brought me to tears. She’s my sister and one of the most spectacular people! True inner and outer beauty. A motivator and inspiration. And can she cook!!

  4. Simply amazing!!! xoxox

  5. Shirley

    These pictures are beautiful, strong and sexxy just like Natalie! :)

  6. Beautiful! Simply beautiful!

  7. Alice Odachowski

    i also believe that Strong is Sexy. You have demonstrated by your example that anything is possible when you believe in yourself, and these pictures say it all.

  8. Just as you said. She is breathtakingly beautiful inside and out.

  9. Beautiful pictures, you have captured her right through to her soul!

  10. Love!

  11. Simply amazing! My true motivation

  12. Andrea Hampton

    Loved the pictures!! Two extraordinary women working together!

  13. Lorraine Serra-Bono

    Natalie all mama can say is you are such an inspiration to all you work with.. Your love for your group (you call them all your dear friends) shows right through you. You can multi-task anything and always do it with a smile…Know how proud I am of you and how much I love you. Your pictures are spectacular….You said to me….Nikki is a fabulous photographer and you are so right…..God Bless you sweetheart….

  14. Elaine Pelton

    This article says it all. Natalie truly does make you feel as if your the only one in the room. Love the pictures. They are simply Beautiful

  15. Natalie is a natural for the camera. These came out great.

    In every class, whether its Bootcanp or Zumba, she has the ability to motivate you to workout and honestly it doesnt even feel like a work out because its so much fun. Her smile and energy just make you push through.

  16. Maria DeCicco

    I’ve only met you once, but your positivity and energy have stayed with me since. You exude an inner beauty and strength that most of us only aspire to. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all!

  17. Robin

    Natalie….you are amazing! You make anyone that takes a class from you that they are “worth it”! Keep it going because the world needs more people like you in it! XO

    The pictures are awesome!

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