Year in Review, Part Seven

Year in Review, Part Seven


The Details


The wedding day details are truly important!  They’re the little mementos and projects couples work on to add meaning and personality to the day.  Since many of these details are not saved (flowers, favors, place cards, etc.) a great photo can be the only way to remember the items and the work put into selecting, and sometimes creating them.  Sometimes, the location or backdrop of a wedding can be the most fabulous detail.  I’ve photographed on beautiful beaches, rustic farms and against amazing city skylines.  Through the year, I’ve been deeply touched by the heirlooms I’ve seen as well, everything from a gorgeous broach from a great grandmother’s wedding to a piece of flannel from a deceased father’s favorite shirt.  What a beautiful way to keep your loved ones close.


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  1. Meredith

    I have loved your yearend review photos each day. You have beautiful photos to show and it is bringing back wonderful moments from my wedding. Thank you for posting the review!

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