Kristina + Sean’s Oceanside Wedding at Wentworth by the Sea

Kristina + Sean’s Oceanside Wedding at Wentworth by the Sea

Kristina and Sean’s wedding was a party from the first moment I saw them!  Kristina’s smile was completely plastered on her face.  We tried to do some sassy, serious images at one point…no way… she couldn’t stop smiling!  And Sean was the same, except for the moment he fought back tears when Kristina walked down the aisle.  The celebration started long before we reached the gorgeous Wentworth by the Sea with a rocking trolley ride.  I’ll never listen to The Who again without thinking of that trolley ride. It was a fantastic day!


  1. Mary Anne Burkardt

    Yes…a party from beginning to end!! It was one of the most beautiful celebrations of love I’ve ever been graced to attend! Thank you for sharing these wonderful memories of a most beautiful celebration of love, family and commitment! Thank you for allowing me to have a special part in your wedding Sean and Kristina!!
    Love you Aunt Mary Anne

  2. Debbie Burkardt

    Absolutely beautiful! Brings a tear to my eye to see such a happy couple. Best wishes for a long and fulfilling life together. BTW, Kristina, welcome to the wild, wacky and wonderful world of the Burkardt family!

  3. Tom Burkardt

    Truly an amazing and unforgettable bride, groom, and wedding celebration. And yes, from the trolley ride till the last song – what fun! Nikki, Thanks for capturing it all.

  4. Linda Early

    It was a spectacular day and the smiles captured the beautiful love that the families and happy couple share!We were so happy to be there with you! Wishing Sean and Kristina a wonderful life together!

  5. Pam Burkardt

    I could watch this a thousand times and still smile all the way through it. Just a beautiful weekend, beautiful couple, amazing memories. It was perfect!

  6. Dolores Andrews

    Everything was beautiful! Love watching your video & re-living the celebration of your love!

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