Best of 2012!

Best of 2012!

What a year it has been!  As I reflect on the past year, I see how lucky I’ve been to have worked with such lovely and unique people.  My job has taken me to beautiful locations and has introduced me to some truly wonderful people.  I’ve had such a difficult time choosing my favorite images of 2012…which you’ll see…as there are many!  I’ve had the opportunity to witness and capture some really special and one of a kind moments.  I’m so pleased to be able to share some of my favorites.


The engagement session can be an important part of my job.  And certainly one of the most fun!  It’s my first opportunity to really spend some time with my clients.  I learn about their relationships, personalities and styles.  And my clients learn what it’s like to be photographed.  I always ask my clients to choose a location that is special to them and speaks to their relationship.  So I find myself in some interesting spots from local bars and city streets to hiking trails and farms.  Here are some of my favorite from this year…



The wedding day is a wild and exciting day.  By far, my favorite part is the first part of the day when people are getting ready.  You can feel the excitement and anticipation.  It also gives me a chance to capture many of the small, special details that couples and their families choose to incorporate.  They include traditions and heirlooms passed down from generation to generation.  It can be very touching!


Of course, the ceremony is the most meaningful part of the day.  It is the reason we have all gathered!  Over the year, I’ve been able to witness and capture ceremonies from many different cultures, religions and backgrounds.  People have included sand ceremonies, unity candles, glass breaking, crowns,  and special blessings from friends and family.  I love to see the special touches each couple incorporates.

I don’t spend a lot of time taking formal photos during a wedding day.  I really want my couples to experience the day and enjoy their friends and family.  But the time I do have, is spent highlighting my client’s personalities.  So the photos are always different!  They can be romantic, fun, goofy, intimate and even wild!  These sessions often include the first look the bride and groom have of each other.  It is the closest I’ll ever come to being the proverbial “fly on the wall.”  These private moments are just priceless!

When the party starts, wedding party and guests really let their hair down (sometimes quite literally)!  All I have to do, is get out of the way and let the fun unfold.  I put my long lens on and capture people at their best.  OK, and I might be caught on the dance floor grooving with camera in hand.  Every party is different!

I am lucky enough to be able to shoot so much more than weddings.  I love shooting head shots, website photos, CD covers, portraits and lifestyle.  I’m able to take more time and collaborate with my clients.  I can shoot in locations that would not normally be considered for weddings.It keeps me fresh and thinking outside the box.  I meet such interesting people and get to learn about their jobs and lives.  It’s something I would never trade!

Believe it or not, this is a small sample of the thousands of photos I’ve taken in 2012!  I am so blessed to do this for a living.  And I’m thrilled with the opportunity to do this for another year.  Thank you to my clients, friends, family, vendors and everyone who has helped make this possible.  It is frankly, a dream come true!  Happy New Year!


  1. What a great post! You’re so talented and sweet. Hope you have many successes and happy moments this year as well! xoxo

  2. Richard Couture

    Thank you for creating so many special memories of Kristen & Gregg’s wedding. Your beautiful photographs captured the special moments at the wedding ceremony and the happy couple and their guests at the reception party. Because of you, the memories of this wonderful day will last for many years to come.

    Linda and Dick Couture
    Parents of the Groom

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